As the Chair of the Board of Directors of the media house that presents the premier pan-Caribbean media services, it is my pleasure to lead the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) as it partners with Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) member, DIME Network, to offer enhanced the regional and international coverage of the 43rd regular meeting of the CARICOM Heads of Government from July 3 – 5, 2022 in Suriname.

While CMC has provided coverage for most of the CARICOM Heads of Conferences over the years, we could not pass up the opportunity to extend the coverage of this important regional event in a way which would capture the attention of not only the region, but also the diaspora.

Given CMC’s global footprint, deep experience and distribution capacity, we know we are well placed to sensitise and create the awareness of the progress continually being made by CARICOM.

With the backdrop of the various crises now facing our world, especially climate change and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that the people of the region come together to pool their resources and thereby develop a sustainable path forward.

CMC stands ready to engage with CARICOM and its institutions to showcase the region’s creativity, dynamism, resolve and uniqueness, in order to achieve meaningful integration and be an example to the world.

CMC wishes to thank DIME Network and the CBU for partnering with us, a clear example of the level of collaboration that is possible.

We wish the CARICOM Heads of Government Conference successful deliberations and we look forward to playing our role in sensitizing the people of the region and the world.

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