2019 USAID ‘Local Capacity for Local Solution (LCLS)’ Social Enterprise Documentary

In 2017, USAID inaugurated the Local Capacity for Local Solution (LCLS) initiative across the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, to enhance the capabilities of the NGO sector. A cornerstone of this program was the implementation of a groundbreaking social enterprise project, resulting in the establishment of ten commercial ventures. The LCLS Social Enterprise initiative revolved around a meticulously designed business planning process, fostering the conceptualization and establishment of new social ventures anchored in scalable business models that exhibited positive and sustainable social impact.  This innovative approach sought to address financial stability by assisting regional NGO leaders in transitioning their traditionally non-profit organizations into more self-sustaining models, ultimately leading to improved social outcomes. The program aimed to instill an understanding among NGOs of how social enterprise could significantly augment revenue-earning capabilities and create more sustainable partnership opportunities.  The training component of the program was geared towards empowering beneficiaries to adeptly market unconventional thinking and ideas, imparting the necessary knowledge and skills for effective communication with customers, communities, support systems, and investors.

In 2019, CMC produced a compelling mini-documentary chronicling the experiences of NGOs throughout their journey in developing these ventures. The documentary provided a comprehensive view, capturing the entire process from conceptualization and business development to the startup phases. This production served as a key highlight during the program’s regional close-out summit, offering insights into the tangible impact and transformative journey of the participating NGOs.

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