2024 Nations Development Programme “Weather Kids”

As part of a new global climate action campaign, “Weather Kids” was organized by the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization.

On March 21, 2024 leading up to World Meteorological Day, CMC joined many other broadcasters internationally, to air the “Weather Kids” segment. On that day children across the world, acting as traditional meteorologists, demonstrated how the extreme weather will impact their everyday lives when they are grownups.

The campaign was intended to encourage people to take climate action and the 2050 weather forecast was based on climate projections and data from UNDP, WMO, and IPCC. The Weather Kids segment aired on news channels in more than eighty countries across all continents. CMC was part of this global movement. Leveraging our relationships with regional media partners, CMC successfully coordinated all of the Eastern Caribbean broadcasts on behalf of the UNDP as a token of our robust commitment to regional climate resilience. The Campaign was solidified by a call to action to pledge support for climate action on behalf of children globally.

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