2023 Empowering Change: CMC’s Impact Story on the ECOVAWG Campaign

In December 2023, CMC proudly joined forces with the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative to support the vital Campaign on Economic Costs of Violence Against Women and Girls (ECOVAWG). Our commitment to driving positive change and amplifying impactful messages led us to play a crucial role in disseminating information through a strategic media campaign.

The heart of our initiative was to bring attention to the outputs under the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative Jamaica program, with a particular emphasis on the Jamaica ECOVAWG study. Therefore the focal point of our efforts centered around showcasing UN Women features, specifically tailored to resonate with the Jamaican market.

Through meticulous planning and execution, CMC provided extensive coverage, ensuring the material reached diverse audiences and supported the Agency’s outreach program. Recognizing the significance of the Jamaican context, our team strategically aired these features on terrestrial television in that country. By exposing the campaign videos on multiple platforms, including terrestrial television and our cable system, we effectively communicated the powerful message on the rights of women and girls. The broad reach across the Caribbean not only raised awareness but also fostered dialogue and engagement on the critical issues addressed by the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative.

One of the pinnacle moments of our impact was the culmination of the UN Women campaign, aligning seamlessly with the climax of the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative program. CMC takes pride in contributing to such transformative initiatives, leveraging our expertise to support programs that make a real difference in society. The success of our collaboration with the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative is a testament to the power of strategic media dissemination and its ability to shape conversations around crucial issues. We are committed to driving positive change through our development communication initiatives, ensuring that important messages and critical information reach every corner of our regional community – connecting stakeholders at every juncture.

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