2023 CARICOM Development Fund Visibility Campaign

In December 2023, the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) embarked on a mission to not only spotlight the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF) but also to delve deeper into its beneficiaries’ lived experiences. The objective was clear – to educate the Caribbean public about the CDF’s successes and provide key insights into the profound impact it has on regional development.

The campaign’s effectiveness was unmistakable from the outset. By utilizing the reach of terrestrial
broadcasters, CaribVision (CMC’s pan-Caribbean cable channel), and our digital stack, we ensured that the message not only resonated with audiences from various backgrounds but also provided a human touch to the CDF’s impact. This multi-media approach allowed us to not only communicate the tangible benefits the CDF brings to numerous Caribbean Governments but also to share invaluable stories that provided key insights into the journey of the Fund’s direct beneficiaries.

A noteworthy achievement was the extended exposure through CaribVision, which continued to run the campaign until the end of January 2024. The campaign not only met its primary objective of educating the public but also elevated the visibility and recognition of the CDF as a transformative force supporting the region’s development.

As we celebrate this successful collaboration with the CARICOM Development Fund, CMC remains
committed to using its media influence to drive positive change and amplify impactful initiatives that
benefit the Caribbean community.

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