Communication and Sustainable Development Services (CaSDS)

Helping to bring the region’s development sector into sharper focus.​


Our Communication and Sustainable Development Service (CaSDS) specifically amplifies the work of international donors, funding agencies, nonprofits and other development actors across the Caribbean Region. We collaborate with partners to conceptualize and implement social projects, strategies and interventions that promote sound regional development.  CaSDS offers a turnkey solution that heightens programme implementation and drives stakeholder collaboration.  Our team’s collective extensive geopolitical knowledge, and in-depth technical expertise along with our network of regional partners underpin our service delivery to achieve sustained impact.


Development Communication Support (DEVCOMMS)​

Creating top-notch strategies to nudge folks towards better habits, using effective communication models and social marketing tactics

At the CMC, we acknowledge the centrality of communication to programme success. Our team ensures that crucial information is appropriately produced and disseminated for easy public consumption. DEVCOMM leverages computer-mediated development communication tools to drive public awareness in the region.  The service is crafted to empower clients to strategically develop and implement communication strategies that engage diverse stakeholders, capture impactful activities, and disseminate success stories. To achieve this, we tailor content to fit the needs of our clients and utilize our comprehensive distribution network across various platforms, including television, radio, print, and social media, for expansive dissemination. The analysis of traditional and online data is a key component of our development communication approach. Our expertise in analyzing social media data allows us to monitor emerging issues, gauge public opinion, assess the quality of information, and collaborate with online influencers.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)​

Revolutionizing programme design, decision-making, and sustained outcomes with cutting-edge tracking and assessment techniques. CaSDS supports the development of M&E frameworks, the design and implementation of M&E plans and reporting.

We work closely with our clients to precisely align the M&E process with the key performance indicators. We focus on the full data lifecycle to ensure that insights are translated into knowledge and action that support real-time decision-making, improve tracking, and achieve desired outcomes. We specialize in designing and implementing evaluations that are custom-fit for programmes and broader development strategies. Our experts assess everything from policies to programme, interventions to processes, generating valuable insights and recommendations about implementation, outcomes, and impact.   We confer with donors, nonprofits and other development agencies to ensure we understand their questions and devise solutions that best meet their needs.

Programme Design and Implementation

Providing exceptional technical support that addresses essential programme needs at a global scale.

We pride ourselves in programme design and implementation that directly address a social issue or policy. Our services include needs assessments, capacity development strategies and customized training with special emphasis on climate resilience and gender equality. Our expertise enhances every step of the value chain, ensuring tangible and measurable outcomes. Drawing on our experience collaborating with global development contractors, we adeptly meet international standards while navigating the intricacies of diverse regional environments and norms.

Research and Data Analytics

Analyzing to transform data into valuable insights.​

We provide various research services to our clients, including market assessments, and feasibility studies. We develop tailored survey designs, focus groups, and interviews to attain all of the information they need to counter challenges, explore and grasp opportunities, and close stakeholder gaps. Drawing on extensive proficiency in comprehensive data analysis through the application of machine learning methodologies, we assist our clients in processing, analyzing, and visualizing social data in innovative and impactful ways. Our work includes defining and contextualizing problems during the early stages of a project,  evaluating the impact of digital products and campaigns, and developing and managing live dashboards. We deliver nuanced analyses that empower decision-makers to move forward with confidence.


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