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The Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC)


Formed in August 2000 as a result of a merger between the commercial operations of the Caribbean News Agency (CANA) and the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU), CMC continues to forge ahead to increase and improve the quality of news and entertainment programming produced and disseminated within the Caribbean region and the wider world.

In keeping with 65 years of the combined experience between CANA and CBU, CMC’s developmental mission is to work with media houses in the region to highlight the best skills in journalism, broadcasting, publishing, on-line and technical services. In addition, the organisation strives to make inroads within the media industry by forging closer links between the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

Given our global footprint, deep experience and distribution capacity, we know we are well placed to sensitize and create the awareness of the progress continually being made by CARICOM.

We believe that we are best positioned to lead the charge of integrating the region and disaspora through two of our brands:

  • CaribVision, our pan Caribbean television channel – “The eyes and ears of the Caribbean.”
  • CANANews, one of the region’s oldest and most credible regional news and sports content providers – “Only the Sun covers the Caribbean better”.

With the backdrop of the various crises now facing our world, especially climate change and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that the people of the region come together to pool their resources and thereby develop a sustainable path forward.

CMC stands ready to engage with CARICOM and its institutions to showcase the region’s creativity, dynamism, resolve and uniqueness, in order to achieve meaningful integration and be an example to the world.


The Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) will be a world-class producer and distributor of Caribbean news, sports and information content.


Our mission is to attain our vision by:

  1. Delivering trendsetting, high quality and reliable media services to our clients.
  2. Engendering highly motivated, innovative and team spirited employees and contractors.
  3. Continually developing management practices and advancing our technological competencies.
  4. Being a leading corporate citizen.
  5. Ensuring sustainability through the use of efficient business systems.
  6. Strengthening regional institutions’ communication efforts.
Meet our team

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Lori Weatherhead

Team Leader

Garcia Thornhill

Senior Technician

Patricia Greenidge

Finance Officer (Ag.)

Loretta Skeete

Regional Sales and Marketing Consultant

Our trusted regional media partners

The Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) has an established network and relationships with newspapers, radio stations, terrestrial television and cable stations, and digital tv providers across the Caribbean, the United States of America and Canada. Here are few of our media partners.

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